Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

 Art Square Studios. 

2315 Commerce Suite 17

Houston, TX 77002 

This is a private studio.

What are your hours?

Monday Closed

Tuesday: Open by Appointment

Wednesday: Open by Appointment

Thursday: Open by Appointment

Friday: Open by Appointment

Saturday: Open by Appointment

Alternating Sundays: Open by Appointment

No same day appointments.

Click here: to Submit Request for Tattoo 

How much do you charge? 


$300 minimum at Booking

NEW work/ NEW clients A fee of $300 is applied for materials, design, and equipment and setup. The other $300 for your reservation will be applied and deducted from your time.

$300 deposit fee to book is non-refundable

For continuing clients, $300 at Booking. Your $300 deposit will be applied to your tattoo session.

$300 deposit fee to book is non-refundable

Advance/Multiple Booking Service – For clients booking large pieces and need multiple appointments (Recommended for people that know their schedule and can schedule 3 sessions in advance). To book this service email:

$1500 *Non-Refundable* deposit

Cost per visit:

NEW CLIENT $300 reservation.

Example 1: one 5 hour session $250 hr x 5hrs = $1250-$300. You will have a balance of $950+tax the day of your appointment

Please do not make the assumption the deposit pays for your tattoo. A lot goes on behind the scenes. In some cases you will not have a balance at the end of your visit for smaller tattoos and designs.

How much do you charge if I just want a small tattoo?

$300 (minimum) is the charge for a small tattoo however small tattoos are done at the artists discretion

What can I expect when getting large scale work done?

Full sleeves, ribs, and back pieces are examples of large scale work. A black and grey realism sleeve can take 6 to 8 sessions (color takes longer). A rib or forearm tattoo can take 4 to 3 sessions. Clients should be prepared physically and financially before starting these types of tattoos. Please do not be in a hurry to get your work done. It takes times quality and care. In most cases a sleeve can take up to a year to complete.

What can I expect when getting medium scale (1 to 2 sessions) work done?

A tattoo the size of a baseball (such as a flower) up to the size of 5″x”8″ is considered medium scale work. Tattoo sessions are typically 5 hours but you can last up to 6 hours upon request.

Do you do cover ups?

Taking Coverups

How can I make an appointment?

First, make an appointment through the online booking system. All appointments are booked online for both new and returning clients. If you are planning to have multiple sessions consider booking sessions in advance.

Also, be mindful if you are not booking sessions on consecutive days the healing time is 2 weeks between appointments.

Lastly, send an SUBMIT that includes your first and last name, all your ideas, images, and any information pertaining to your tattoo. This will be used as reference during the design process.

Click here Booking

What do I need to tell you about my design?

Please list the details of the design by being as specific as possible. An example of this would be requesting “yellow sunflowers” to be included versus requesting just “flowers”. Specific details help to ensure client satisfaction.

Also, reference images, drawings, other tattoo examples found online will help the designing process.

What if I would like to plan the tattoo design with you beforehand?

Please book a consultation through the online booking system. The price of consultations is $60.

What is the purpose of a consultation? 

A consultation allows clients to explain their ideas in person and go over any questions not answered in the FAQ. Clients with unclear design ideas should book a consultation.

When will my design be done?

Designs are completed the week of the scheduled appointment. 

When can I see the design?

Designs are only shown in person the day of the appointment.

What if I don’t like the design? Can I change it?

Yes. Minor changes will be accommodated.

Major changes to the design like adding or removing previously selected elements will require an additional drawing fee. Thoroughly consider and choose all design elements prior to the designing process and communicate the details to your artist. 

If design changes cannot be done in the a reasonable time of your appointment time. You will be rescheduled

What if I don’t want to use a credit card to book my appointment?

A card on file is required for all clients to book an appointment at Zú Art Collective.

What should I do before the day of my tattoo appointment?

Before the day of the appointment take care of your body by staying hydrated, eating healthy, and getting plenty of rest. This will help support the immune system during the healing process.

The day of the tattoo appointment be sure to eat before the session, bring a snack and arrive on time (arriving early is not necessary). Please only text me if you are running late or having trouble entering the building.

 *Avoid alcohol and hang-overs, blood-thinning medications, and excessive caffeine consumption.

What happens if I am late to my appointment?

 Late arrivals risk having their appointments canceled or rescheduled. Please let me know if you are running late. Cancellation rules and guidelines will apply.

What is your cancellation policy?

At Zú Art Collective we value our time and yours. All deposit are non-refundable. In the event your appointment needs to be canceled or rescheduled send an email to contact@alexarzu 72 hours prior. Reschedules can only be done twice before forfeiting their deposit and must be scheduled within 12 months from the original appointment date. No call no shows will be blocked from online booking.

**Disclaimer: To reschedule, please send a email to contact@alexarzu. DO NOT cancel and book a new appointment to reschedule. This will result in you being charged twice.

What form of payments are accepted?

Cash and cards are accepted. Cash is preferred.

Do you do piercings?


Do you do script?

No. Will do words with provided Fonts. check out for references

Do you do tribal?

No. (not to be confused with mandalas or geometry)

Do you do finger tattoos?